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Our Toll System

Though, a number of toll plazas in our country have introduced traditional plaza tolling system. Nowadays, there is a clear shift from purely manually operated plaza tolling systems towards, automated, electronic toll collection. Road users pay toll electronically, while driving through plaza without stopping. Payment is processed automatically and barely affects traffic flow. This makes operations significantly more efficient. Since, this is the first introduction of such system in Bangladesh, usually most of the vehicles will not have toll tags or payment account registration provided by us. Hence, semi-auto system can be implemented.

Toll System

Advanced analytics ensures that each and every transaction is auditable and fraud is eliminated. The system records every transaction with vehicle front-view footage. Also, independent vehicle counter counts every vehicle passing through the lane.

RFID based vehicle auto classification

Toll System

Our RFID reader detects vehicle within the read range and identifies the vehicle by reading the in vehicle RFID tag (tags installed by BRTA) for further processing i.e. electronic tolling or vehicle classification.

Easy Management Dashboard

Toll System

A user friendly management dashboard makes it easy to understand reports. Our web based system works on mobile, tablet and sends instant alerts in case of any incident detections or violation occurs.

Totally Automatic Tolling

In this case, vehicles will have prepaid toll tags provided by us. Whenever vehicle will pass through the lane, our system will detect the tag and will process payments for every passage of the lane for the vehicle. The registered cell phone number of the tag will get an instant confirmation of the toll transaction.

Toll System

Semi Automatic

Whenever a vehicle approaches the toll booth, our system tries to detect a valid toll tag, if not found, the system will read the RFID tag number (TID or EPC) provided by BRTA. After scanning the tag number, the system will match it with BRTA shared database to obtain the vehicle’s class. After the class is obtained, our system will calculate exact toll amount for the passage of the vehicle.

Manual Tolling

Toll System

If no valid tag is possible to detect, from the vehicle, then our system will allow for manual tolling where the collector will classify the vehicle manually and collect toll. In this case, our system will capture an image of the vehicle and transaction will be recorded in the database.

Marga Net’s advanced RFID Based Intelligent Tolling System centrally manages all operations using a single integrated software system. The system supports for manual toll collection, mixed-mode (Automatic and Manual) toll collection and fully automatic toll collection. Also the system is customizable for any particular need. Our tolling system gathers data on traffic volumes, vehicle classification, vehicle weight, collected fares and send you detailed reports.