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Marga Net One Limited has successfully operated the Bangabandu Multipurpose Bridge, the largest bridge in Bangladesh!

Toll Management

Marga Net One Limited (MNOL) is the leading Operator of Management, Operation, Maintenance, Toll Collection and Upgradation of Computerized Toll Collection System.

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River Training

More than a decades, Marga Net One Limited (MNOL) has been a leader in Road Patrolling & River Training Works in Bangladesh.

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Software Development

More than a decades, Marga Net One Limited (MNOL) has been working in IT sector in Bangladesh. MNOL has successfully completed many applications, software's, websites etc.

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IT Services

Our IT enabled services (ITES) exploit Information Technology for improving efficiency of an organization. These services provide a wide range of career options that include opportunities.

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Welcome to Marganet

Marganet is one of Bangladesh's independent traffic and toll management companies operated across many districts. Making the utmost utilization of new technologies along with the best utilization and workforce to be proud of, the company has successfully delivered an outstanding level of service.

As a leading business within this highway & traffic management sector, Marganet Tolling System is setting the industry standard for innovation, safety, and consistency. Since its inception, the company has delivered continuously effective solutions for highway traffic management, toll collection integrated solutions for highway passengers to opt the convenient mode to travel and pay for their journeys. These solutions have enabled national highway & transportation authorities and agencies to manage the uprising demand for effective highway management across the entire transportation network in various projects.

Marganet's solutions for planning, operating and optimizing include:

  • Real Time Traffic Information Systems
  • Surveillance and monitoring
  • Toll Collection Management
  • Vehicle Information Display Technology

As part of our portfolio, Marganet is able to supply certified solutions that are tailored to meet Bangladeshi market. We pride ourselves on being the leaders in the industry and providing complete Traffic & Toll Management solutions all across Bangladesh - around the clock, 365 days a year.

Latest Technology Upgrades

Though, a number of toll plazas in our country have introduced traditional plaza tolling system. Nowadays, there is a clear shift from purely manually operated plaza tolling systems towards, automated, electronic toll collection. Road users pay toll electronically, while driving through plaza without stopping. Payment is processed automatically and barely affects traffic flow. This makes operations significantly more efficient. Since, this is the first introduction of such system in Bangladesh, usually most of the vehicles will not have toll tags or payment account registration provided by us. Hence, semi-auto system can be implemented.

Advanced analytics ensures that each and every transaction is auditable and fraud is eliminated. The system records every transaction with vehicle front-view footage. Also, independent vehicle counter counts every vehicle passing through the lane.

Our RFID reader detects vehicle within the read range and identifies the vehicle by reading the in vehicle RFID tag (tags installed by BRTA) for further processing i.e. electronic tolling or vehicle classification.

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Best Practice

As a leader in highway traffic and toll collection management, we understand that it's important to validate our capabilities through the global certification standards.

When products and services match up to the International Standards, our patrons know that they are in work with a company that is dedicated towards quality and safety.

Therefore, our experts demonstrate highest quality standards in the development, production, and sales in the field of ITS, i.e., TMS, ATMS, UTMS, ITMS, WIM, VMS, Emergency Call System, Smart City Solutions, Surveillance, Solar Street Light and Solar Blinker.

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